The gear

TFE Biker Shorts Set

TFE Cleveland Guardians edition

TFE 2023 summer tee

The Inspirational Rose Tee

TFE X marks the spot tee

TFE Stamp Tee

The Worlds Inspirational Tee

TFE rocket tee

TFE Reminder Tee

Be inspired Tee

TFE Rough Tee

TFE Refuel Tee

Inspirational 10 long sleeve


TFE Flower Tee

TFE Fast Life Tee

September Inspiration Tee

TFE Cleveland Finest

Inspirational Vibes

TFE men t shirt and short set

TFE Womens short set

TFE Jogging Suits

TFE Life Tee

TFE Pullover Hoodie

TFE March Inspiration Tee

TFE Joggers

TFE Logo Tee

TFE triple inspiration tee

TFE women shorts

TFE Positive Impact Matters Tee

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